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March 17, 2020

I hate that we are living through such cirumstances, and it geninuley is hard to believe. This is what we grew up watching movies about, and now it's our reality. We are facing a pandemic and for my generation this is the first of its kind for us. I can tell you that I...

December 19, 2019

A gluten free diet is one of the latest trends but just like keto diets, it is meant for people who need it because of medical reasons.
Just like with many diets, their popularity is mostly due to the media and celebrity endorsements, which lead to many people adopting...

December 17, 2019

I have been trying to make us a lot more hearty, homemade soups lately. They are a great way to get nutrients in and keep warm during the winter months.

G and I love lentil soup. It's a staple food where we come from, so it reminds us of home and fills us up. We often h...