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REBORN is a community. It's a safe space where we go, learn and have fun together. 

This is more than just a fitness and nutrition program. Month on month you will meet like-minded people, build a support group and a community of people who are doing exactly what you are doing and going through the same thing.


What can you expect from this group?

Nutrition: Recipes, nutrition plan, macronutrient calculator and answers to all your questions!

Fitness: 3 live workouts per week, and weekly fitness challenges.

Music: What's that workout without the vibe? We will have our own Spotify playlist to stream during workouts so you can pump up the music and just watch me!

Weekly challenges: We want to be #reborn, to change, to grow, to be better, happier. We will challenge ourselves week on week to be better than we were. 

This is a private community for paying members only. 

Membership is £40/month. 

Are you ready to be #reborn? Are you ready to make it happen? 

I head a HELL YES. 

Fill the form below and sign up to start on 1st September 2020. 

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