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Love to hate your body? Try these tips!

August 26, 2016

We all have body parts we don't like and want to change. Read these body-specific tips to help you love the parts you hate. 




Upper Arms:  Ever heard a guy complain about “bingo wings”? I haven’t! And that’s no coincidence, because often the flab in this area is due to low testosterone levels. To help leaning your uppers arms add resistance workouts that focus on big muscles movements like squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups and core stabilisation exercises. Eat more protein and ditch the sugars, starchy carbs and beer to see results. 



Muffin tops & hips: If you notice that your body stores fat in these areas it could mean that your body has issues with insulin. Insulin moves glycogen (stored glucose) to working muscles for energy, but when those muscles are “full” and don’t required anymore energy it directs it towards storage sides, which for women is often the hips. Don’t worry you can turn this around! Juts avoid sugars and grains in your diet for a while and try to get your carbs from vegetables (except from white potatoes) and fruit (best options: berries, apples, pears and citrus fruit). Exercise is very important if you want to lose the jiggle in these areas. Move the hips, perform interval cardio as well ass weight training to encourage insulin sensitivity (which is what you want!) 



Tummy:  Muffin tops and hips means bad insulin use and tummy fat means cortisol issues. Cortisol is a stress hormone circulating in your system. The body has the tendency to hold on to fat when cortisol is running about. The key to losing belly fat is to reduce stress levels, which means cutting out stimulants like coffee, alcohol, sugars and starches (no fun!). 

When it comes to exercising don’t do it for too long, which will also raise the body’s stress levels. Instead do a couple of good quality weights sessions each week and short and sharp interval cardio sessions (hills or stairs are great for this). Add in a couple of yoga classes or nice relaxing walks and watch your tummy get smaller! 



Legs: How many of you want those long leans VS legs? I know I do! To slim down the legs eat loads of green veggies, especially spinach (my favourite!) and watercress. Also avoid foods that encourage your body to hold on to excess oestrogen. This means staying away from soy products, non-organic meats and dairy foods.  Make sure that you do unilateral leg exercises, like multidirectional lunges, one leg squats, deadlifts, stair climbs. Contrary to what people think I’d recommend avoiding too much distance running or cycling. 




Butts: This is the area that I love to hate. I might be lucky to not have to deal with a droopy butt, but if I don’t feed it and train it right I have to deal with no-butt syndrome… Glutes are all about exercises that lift and shapes. Do a lot of hip raises, deadlifts, squats and lunges, as well as unilateral leg lifts. Drink plenty of water and avoid processed foods to clear out toxins and cellulite. 




There you have it…No more body parts to hate!






Happy Healthy Living, 



The Gymcess 

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