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Stop caring about how you look...Not.

September 21, 2016

“I just need to stop caring about how I look”. How many of you are guilty of saying this? 

This is the age of the “body-positive” community where women, especially, are being told to stop caring about how they look.  


First of all can we please stop telling each other what to do? If you want to care about how your body looks go for it and if you don’t then please don’t!


But let me tell you this. Caring about how you look, not in “I’m the hottest person on earth” kind of way, is healthy. It’s healthy to want the best for yourself. It’s healthy to be committed to something and what’s more worth it than your body? 


I get it when people believe that those who care about how they look are vain and superficial. There are people who are. There are people who don’t have any values and just want to show off and get attention. But then there are those who work hard, don’t mean to brag but are proud, those who have come a long way and finally feel good in their skin. Let them be proud and stop judging them. Let them care because it’s the way they keep their healthy relationship with theirselves. 




You should view your body and relationship with it as a priority. It’s okay to ditch a night of drinking because you want to workout. It’s okay to say no to the burger your friends are trying to persuade you to have because you are taking care of yourself. 

Saying no doesn’t make you stuck up, boring or a loser. Actually, it makes anyone who doesn't get it and judges your behaviour a loser. 


You know the saying “ Your body is a temple”. Well it is. You only get one body to live in for the rest of your life, you cannot change it no matter what. So why not make it feel and look good? 


When you move into a new apartment what do you do? You paint the walls, buy new curtains, new furniture and make it look nice and feel cozy. Well your body is your first and last home. Take care of it. It’s not vain. It’s a commitment that shows great values in you. 


So show off you abs, the butt you’ve been working hard to get, those biceps you’ve always dreamed of. Show them off because you are proud, because you are doing them something right. Don’t stop caring. 




Happy Healthy Living, 


The Gymcess 



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