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My body is not your measuring stick.

October 21, 2016

My body, and hers are not your measuring stick. 


My body shouldn't make you feel worse about yourself. 


Or better about yourself. 


Your body is not my measuring stick either. 


Your body shouldn't make me feel better or worse about myself. 




While I post pictures and workouts on social media, like a million other fitness girls, they are not meant for you to compare yourself too. You shouldn't use my body for comparison, or anyone else's. 


How many magazines or blogs have articles with titles such as " You want to look like Kate Moss? Do this workout" " You want to look like an olympic gymnast? Do this workout", etc etc 


What they fail to mention is that Kate Moss? Is a model....She gets paid to look good. 

The olympic gymnast? She trains about 30 hours a week, twice a day and sometimes maybe more. Could you fit that into your busy schedule? 

No. It's their job. Not yours. So why compare yourself to them?


It's easier said than done, believe me I know. It's healthy to have a goal, but your goal shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself. 


The measurements that count are: 

- The quality of your life

- How you feel and move

- Energy levels

- Blood markers (e.g., cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, etc.)

- Your confidence

- Your physical (and mental) strength



The best that happened to me when I started being so dedicated to working out is feeling so much better about myself and being mentally strong. Everything else started improving slowly with it and now when I don't workout I feel the difference in every aspect of my life. 

The more I workout, the better I feel and look, the more confidence I have, the happier and more motivated I am. Hence, repeat. 



Ask yourself: 

- How do I want to feel? 

- What do I want my body to be able to do? 

- How can eating and exercising become enjoyable and a part of my everyday life? 



Make it about you. Not about being someone else. 



Have a lovely weekend! 



Happy Healthy Living, 



The Gymcess x

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