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Sushi: Good or Bad?

November 23, 2016

First thing I have to say is I love sushi. Give me anything with salmon and I'll eat it. This isn't the point of this though.. 

When going on diets or trying to eat healthier people often find themselves confused about which foods are okay to eat and which aren't. Sushi finds itself on that "confused" list. 

So is it okay? 

Well my rule is everything is okay in moderation, but that's not very helpful is it? So let me tell you how to eat sushi the healthy way!


• Avoid anything tempura: "Dammit" I hear you say. I am sorry. Anything tempura means it's battered and fried. Need I say more? They are higher in calories, but on top of that many restaurants fry in soybean oil, which is genetically modified. 


• Avoid spicy rolls: I love those. Like love them. The tuna, salmon, crab are fine...but the mayo added to it is not so great. Especially since you can't control how much is going into your rice. Two choices here. If you are looking for a spicy kick then just order some plain tuna or salmon and add wasabi. Or if you really want the mayo then ask for it on the side and put a thin layer on your food. 


• Plain veggie rolls: Ok, so they are not unhealthy and this is probably the first and last time you'll hear me say avoid veggies. In this case it's because it won't fill you up. You are not having protein and you will most likely feel hungry soon after eating. 


• Regular soy sauce: Sodium. Sodium. Sodium. One tablespoon has 879mg of sodium, which is more than a third of your daily allowance. Let's be honest here you are going to have more than one tablespoon of soy sauce with your sushi. So eat the low sodium soy sauce and avoid the bloating! 




Order these instead: 


• Tuna or salmon and avocado rolls: Simple rolls with seafood and avocado are the best choice, since they're high in belly-filling protein and healthy fat, and free of calorie-laden extras. If you can swap the white rice for brown to sneak in some more fiber, go for it. But if that's not an option, don't worry too much. 
• A side salad: Have a small salad on the side, to help fill yo up. It's a lower-calorie choice than more rolls. Plus, it gives you a chance to sneak in some extra fiber—a good thing if your rolls were made with white rice. 
• A giant glass of water: Even with low-sodium soy sauce, you're probably getting a lot of salt. Drinking water with your meal can help offset bloat-inducing water retention later on.  



Happy Healthy Living, 


The Gymcess

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