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The best way to sneak in workouts in your day.

February 20, 2017

Some of us have really busy lives and struggle to find time to do a full-workout. Some of us have lazy days where we don’t want to leave the house and get out of our pjs. 

No matter what your day is like there’s always a way to sneak in some sort of workout in your day. 


Start by incorporating one of the following in your day and add one new habit per week. At the end of the first month you would have picked up 4 new “active” habits. You will feel and look better I promise. 



1. Practice good posture to strengthen your core. 


It’s a two way street with posture and core: If you have a strong core it helps you have a better posture, but maintain a good posture also helps strengthen the core. How do you practice good posture you say?

Stand up straight as if there’s a string coming from the top of your head pulling you gently towards the ceiling. 

Walk as if you had a book balancing on your head to avoid slouching. 

Don’t forget to sit up straight by alleging your back with the chair. If you work on a computer position the screen to point a bit upwards so if you find yourself slouching you cannot see the screen clearly. 



2. Leave a pair of dumbbells at the bottom of the stairs. 


2kgs dumbbells at the bottom of the stairs are a great little workout you can add to your day. Cary the dumbbells up and back down with you every-time you use the stairs. The added resistance will activate your muscles and get your heart rate higher. You won’t break a sweat don’t worry. 



3. 10 squats every-time you use the bathroom. 


It’s the little habits that make a difference and this one takes no time. 10 squats whenever you go to the bathroom help maintain toned legs and glutes. I usually also squat throughout my teeth brushing time. 



4. 50 crunches + 50 push-ups every-time you shower. 


You are about to shower so why not sweat a little bit before you jump in? Work your abs and upper body then have a shower knowing you will soon see you reflection in the mirror and be impressed by how these 50 reps have affected your body. 




5. Park further from your destination. 


You can park right next to the entrance of the place you are going to, or park 5/10 minutes away. If you park further away you will have a few minutes to yourself to relax as well as up your steps for the day. So why not?



6. Calve raises while you wait in line. 


Nice calves are a very attractive feature. You can actually tell if someone is athletic by their calves. So just stand on one leg with the other leg resting on it and raise your heel up an down a few times. Switch legs. 

You can do both legs at a time if you have trouble with balance. 




7. Jumping jacks during commercial breaks. 


Do you enjoy commercials? I really don’t. So make use of these few minutes, and instead of sitting down get some jumping jacks in. It’s fun to have everyone there join in, specially kids. 



8. Walk while you talk. 


This one I am so guilty of, and despite it being slightly distracting to others I cannot help doing it. 

I just seem to think better! 

So just take a little walk if you are on the phone, you get to catch up with friends and burn calories. 

You can also schedule walking dates with friends instead of going to a cafe or restaurant. 



Being active is more than just going to the gym. It’s a lifestyle and it takes creativity and minor changes in your day to day life. More fun and more calories burnt are guaranteed. 








Happy Healthy Living, 


The Gymcess


The Gymcess

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