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Stop the hate.

April 9, 2017

Hi my loves, 


I do seriously apologies about the lack of blog posts happening lately. 


About 2 months ago I started a 9-5 job in PR company and it has been taking over my life. I seriously love it as it involves a lot of networking, the acquirement of general knowledge and writing. For those who haven't figured it out yet, I love writing! 

Me getting a 9-5 job doesn't mean fitness isn't my passion anymore, it definitely is. I just needed time to adjust to my new routine. 


Anyway! Today I'd like to talk to you about something important. 


I have recently noticed that there has been an increase in negativity in the fitness industry. I find myself endlessly scrolling down comments on other people's posts and they are most often than not a stream of negativity and judgment. 


I am not here to put these people down or judge them myself. I just believe this defies what the industry is about. 

Forget being a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a body builder or whatever you are and remember why you got into this. 




I got into fitness to feel better about myself and my body. I was in my 2nd year of university and realized that working out is a vital part of my life (and that I was way too fragile).

Ever since I have built confidence, and believe in the power of my body and mind and what they can achieve. It opened my eyes to what kind of person I could really be.

After realizing this I decided to share my journey with others, not because I am special but quite the opposite. I am not. 

People will have different reasons as to why they started their fitness journey or why they are sharing it, but what we all need to remember is that we all do it to feel better one way or another. As a personal trainer I am faced with clients who's body goals are different to mine, clients who do not enjoy the same form of training I do. This is where I need to remind myself that people are different, and their goals and dreams are just as valid as mine. 

So why make each other feel worse? 

Why say " you look too muscly" to a girl who obviously wants to achieve the lean look? 

We don't have the right to judge people on their goals. We however can encourage and praise others for their progress. Every parent has said this to their kids at least once and I have heard it enough from mine " If you have nothing nice to say. Don't say anything". And let's face it it is easier to stay quiet on social media, because the person is not actively asking you for your opinion. 


I believe that our struggle with staying positive towards others stems from social media itself. It has created a sense of constant comparison between people, which has caused most of us to feel like we can always look and be better (which is true, but it needs to come from within).

We scroll down aimlessly through our feeds and come across pictures of a skinny girl with nice curves and who has thousands of likes per picture, doesn't it make you feel less 'successful' in a sense?

It's not because there's something wrong with you, but social media has taken over our lives. Other people's lives have taken over our lives, to the point where we have forgotten our value being busy with our 'envy' towards others. 

How do we make that go away? Throw your phones away! Only joking you'd have no where to check my Instagram!


It's about striking that balance between living in your life and taking every moment in and appreciating others and their efforts on social media. 

Use social media for motivation, to share your journey, to encourage others. Then put it down and compliment yourself, push yourself and feed on the energy of those who love you. 


Appreciate yourself and others. Admire people for their journey, don't judge them. There's more than 'your' way to live. 



Happy Healthy Living, 



Gymcess x







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