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'Sugar hangover' is real

October 6, 2017

Most of us love sugar, and as much as I avoid it, when I do eat loads of it I feel c**ap after a sugar binge, or even after a night out. 


Symptoms: irritability, lethargy, drowsiness, brain fog, depressed mood, a pounding headache, and guilt. 

The symptoms are very similar to those of an alcohol hangover and you might even have a sore stomach, feel sick and nauseous. 


Why do you feel this way? Your body is constantly trying to tell you how you are looking after your body and that you haven't made the most nutritious choices. 


If you stop and listen you might notice that your body doesn't like it when you feed it excess amounts of sugar. 



Remember that sugar doesn't just impact our bodies but our mood too



But do you feel like you sugar cravings are strong and more intense than some of your friends. That's normal as it seems a different part of their brain lights up. This powerful chemical response in the brain acts like positive reinforcement driving them to continue to seek out sugar as a reward, more than other people, which, simply put, means that some people actually derive more pleasure from sugar than others and so, for them, resisting is harder. 


Still, there are a things universal to everyone, when it comes to excessive consumption: It messes with your hormones.

Initially after having sugar, you'll feel good as your body will produce dopamine. But soon the brain chemical will wear off leaving you with a lower mood, irritability, tiredness and brain fog. 



But once it has happened don't beat yourself up, it's done. Accept it and move on. 



Often after a sugar binge you'll feel like you want to restrict your calories for the next day or two. Don't. 

Instead make wholesome meals ate home full of fruits and vegetables and return to a balanced diet. 

I also recommend you drink loads of water to replenish and re-hydrate, and exercise to help boost your mood and make yourself feel better after the 'damage' is done. 


Happy Healthy Living, 


The Gymcess




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