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5 Things You Should Know About Weight-loss

June 5, 2018

Weight-loss seems to be a mystery for many people. Lose the weight, gain the weight, weight gets stuck, a never ending vicious circle. Weight-loss is difficult and there is no quick fix.


Sweeping changes rarely last, but smaller ones add up over time. 




Here my five tips on how to lose weight and keep it off!


1. Despite the common consensus, you don't need to detox: Many program advertise the need for a cleanse for good health, but you don't really need one. The best and healthiest way to lose weight and maintain it is to eat a diet of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. Your liver and kidneys take care of all you body's detoxification needs. 


2. Small changes make a big difference: This is something I have always said, make small changes they will add up and slowly but surely you would have changed your lifestyle to a healthier one. Take the stairs, instead of the elevator. Park your car a little further away to walk a little more. Drink more water. Have your salad dressing on the side. 


3. Watch what you are drinking: It is very common for people to forget to count drinks in their caloric intake. They count and can have a big impact on your weight-loss. Whenever possible, choose low-calorie or calorie-free drinks such as low-fat milk, water, tea.


4. Keep it real: As you surf the internet you are bound to find some claims and pictures of people who have gone from wearing "large" to wearing a size "small" and suddenly you want that too. It's normal to want results quickly, but the best type of weight loss is gradual. Healthy rate of weight-loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Keep this in mind when setting your weight-loss goal. Setting realistic goals, and understanding that not two bodies are the same can keep you from feeling frustrated along the way. 


5. Pick and choose out of fad diets: Been avoiding carbohydrates completely? Eating fruit on an empty stomach? On a liquid diet? You've been on a fad diet! Many diet plans are based on little tricks that are supposed to help you successful, but the plans often don't work. But these little tricks can work for some people. So if eating vegan for most of the day or not eating after 8pm works for you then go for it. You don't have to follow every aspect of a diet plan in order to be successful. Just be careful, if a diet plan permanently eliminates a whole food group or has you living on a diet of celery sticks and grapefruit, then look for a plan that is more well-rounded. 


Happy Healthy Living, 


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